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For the purposes of these Rules the following interpretations shall apply:


“Guest” shall mean any person who is not a Member of the Club but who is staying at either of Iwikau or Turoa Lodge as a Guest of a Member.

“Member” shall mean any Member who has paid their annual levies and whose Membership falls under the following categories of Membership: Life, Foundation, Ordinary, Junior, Honorary and Associate Member.

“Senior Member” shall mean any of the following: Life, Foundation, Ordinary, Honorary and Associate Member

"Casual Member" shall mean anyone who has booked under the Ohakune Casual Membership category.

“Sponsor” shall mean a Senior Member of the Club who at the request of a Junior Member’s parents or guardian has agreed to accept responsibility for that Junior Member while the Junior Member is staying at either of the Club’s lodges.

Where the context requires or admits, words importing the singular shall import the plural and vice versa.

Where the context requires or admits definitions used in these Rules shall have the same definitions as those defined in the Club’s Constitution.

Lodge Rules
  1. Smoking and use or possession of illegal substances is not permitted in any part of the lodges. Eating or drinking alcohol is not permitted in the bunkrooms.

  2. No Junior Member shall have in their possession or consume alcoholic beverages without being in the presence of their parent or guardian.

  3. No Member or Guest will be permitted to have in their possession a gun, a dangerous weapon any form of ammunition, any type of incendiary devices or fireworks.

  4. Lodge Officers may be appointed from time to time (e.g. in the Custodian’s absence) to assist the Custodian in operation of the lodges. All lodge occupants must comply with the Custodian’s or Lodge Officer’s instructions and requests.

  5. All lodge occupants must keep noise to a minimum in bunkrooms after 8pm.

  6. No person may work on any electrical, gas or water supply installation without the express permission of the Custodian, Club Maintenance Officer, Lodge Captain, President or Lodge Officer and must be appropriately qualified or supervised by a suitably qualified person.

  7. All persons staying in the lodge must undertake a duty and comply with the Custodian’s decision on how the duties are to be allocated.

  8. All those staying at the lodge must leave their bunk rooms by 4pm in a clean and tidy state and strip their pillow case off their pillow and place  it in the laundry before they leave.

  9. The Club shall not be responsible for Members’ personal property left at the lodges, and cannot be expected to institute enquiries for left or lost belongings. Property left unclaimed after six months will be disposed of at the discretion of the Club and the Club shall have no liability whatsoever for any loss the owner may suffer.

  10. Any person who is involved in an act of violence, found to be threatening others or causing willful damage can be asked to leave the lodge by the Custodian or a Committee Member.

  11. Disobeying these rules may result in disciplinary action by the Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Club Constitution.

  12. Security – All doors are to be locked after 9pm at night and in the morning by the last person leaving the Lodge. The Custodian may vary this requirement.

  13. No children under 3 years of age are permitted to stay at the Iwikau lodge.

Complaints Process

We’ll always do our very best to get things right, however, sometimes things do go wrong – so when they do, we want to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If you are unhappy about some aspect of our service and wish to make a complaint please email the relevant committee member.

By order of the Committee

These rules apply as at 10 April 2018 and may be updated at the discretion of the committee.


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