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For the purposes of these Rules the following interpretations shall apply:


“Guest” shall mean any person who is not a Member of the Club but who is staying at either of Iwikau or Turoa Lodge as a Guest of a Member.

“Member” shall mean any Member who has paid their annual levies and whose Membership falls under the following categories of Membership: Life, Foundation, Ordinary, Junior, Honorary and Associate Member.

“Senior Member” shall mean any of the following: Life, Foundation, Ordinary, Honorary and Associate Member

“Sponsor” shall mean a Senior Member of the Club who at the request of a Junior Member’s parents or guardian has agreed to accept responsibility for that Junior Member while the Junior Member is staying at either of the Club’s lodges.

Where the context requires or admits, words importing the singular shall import the plural and vice versa.

Where the context requires or admits definitions used in these Rules shall have the same definitions as those defined in the Club’s Constitution.


  1. Members who have not paid their annual levies at the time of booking are not entitled to make bookings on members’ terms

  2. Bookings will only be accepted if:

    1. if it is made through the Club’s website using the online booking system and a credit is held by the Booking Officer; or

    2. made in writing on the official booking form (or a photocopy) and accompanied by the correct payment or if a credit is held by the Booking Officer or it is paid by Pay Pal.

  3. Member bookings can be made at any time as the booking system is live.

  4. Bookings for Guests must be signed or made online by a Senior Member (The exception is pre-arranged guest groups which the Booking Officer will manage). The Senior Member who sponsors a Guest is fully responsible for their guest’s actions while the guests are in the lodge and must follow Health and Safety Emergency Procedures of Rangatira Alpine Sports Club (Inc.) Guest bookings up to prescribed limits will be confirmed immediately at the Ohakune Lodge on receipt of payment. Guest bookings at the Iwikau Lodge will be limited to a maximum of five mid week. If there are beds available at Iwikau after Tuesday midnight for the coming weekend then members may book guests to accompany them.

  5. Junior Members booking forms must be signed or made online by a Senior Member. Junior Members must be accompanied by a Senior Member/Sponsor when staying at the lodges and remain the responsibility of the Senior Member/Sponsor at all times.

  6. Where bookings cannot be accepted either the Booking Officer will notify the applicant in writing or the Member will find they are not permitted to make the booking online. Any payment that may have been received will be returned or credited to the Member’s account.

  7. The booking officer can be contacted on (021) 164 7070. Messages will be answered as soon as possible. Please keep these to essential calls only - the online booking system should have answers to most of your questions. You may make contact via email at

  8. Cancellations: If a booking is cancelled within 72 hours of the start of the booking there will be no refund of the tariff. This means cancellations must be by Tuesday midnight prior to the weekend or Thursday midnight prior to a midweek booking. Please plan and manage your bookings carefully as we do understand that late cancellations and the loss of your payment, for whatever reason, can be a frustration.
    NOTE: Cancellation of school holiday bookings should be received 2 weeks before the booking in order to receive a refund.

  9. No person shall be entitled to a bunk unless in possession of a booking receipt or a confirmation email. Members or Guests arriving at the lodge without a booking may be accommodated at the Custodian’s discretion, when bunks are available, given payment is made immediately online.

  10. The Booking Officer will not undertake to provide transport for Members, but will endeavour to pass on information regarding space in cars of those travelling.

  11. If you decide to extend your stay whilst at the club, you will need to pay for your additional nights online while you are there.  Our custodians do not receive booking payments.

  12. Dinner on Arrival: Please indicate if you will be at the club for dinner on your first night. If you won’t be there by 7 pm then you will need to phone the lodge and advise whether you are still expecting a meal upon your arrival.

Complaints Process

We’ll always do our very best to get things right, however, sometimes things do go wrong – so when they do, we want to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If you are unhappy about some aspect of our service and wish to make a complaint please email the relevant committee member.

By order of the Committee

These rules apply as at 10 April 2018 and may be updated at the discretion of the committee.

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