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Rangatira now has an Emergency Procedures Manual, a copy of which is at Iwikau and Ohakune. Please familiarize yourself with it as you may need it one day. Rangatira does not want to over regulate the club but we must cover ourselves and members in our present litigious society.


Why did we do it? Margaret Wilson amended the Health & Safety Act. Whilst volunteers and members do not appear to come under the Act’s jurisdiction, visitors and guests etc are a grey area.

Our manual does not follow the massive paperwork of the H & S Act exactly; we have greatly simplified our manual to reflect our acknowledgement of the Act.

DOC & RAL will continue to practice evacuations at Ruapehu which is also covered in our manual.


This is our first version and we welcome comments for future amendments.


The manual covers both sides of Ruapehu and has the following sections:


EMERGENCY PROCEDURES. Fire, civil defense, volcanic eruptions etc.


HEALTH & SAFETY. Hazards, incidents and accidents etc.


ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION. Information of a general nature for interesting reading on a bad weather day e.g. avalanches, snow formation, frostbite, whiteout etc. We have provided this environmental section information in good faith but do not accept responsibility for its accuracy or any liability should you rely on it in any way.


CLUB RULES. Rangatira club rules.


For Health and Safety hazard and accident reporting please use the forms as described in the Emergency Procedures Manual. Failure to complete them may result in no or incomplete action being taken by Rangatira. Copies of these Health and Safety Forms can be obtained from our custodians or this web page.


We now have a VISITORS’ SHEET at the lodges which must be signed by your GUESTS to state that they are aware of and will read the Emergency Manual and will abide by the Club Rules. This covers you at any subsequent court of inquiry and makes it easier for our Custodian should a guest not like a duty etc.


Committee Rangatira

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