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Iwikau Long Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP)

Since 1959 the Iwikau lodge has undergone several major additions and renovations over the years, most notably the addition of the Egmont Room (the current games room) in the early 1980’s, and the complete remodelling of the bunkroom and bathroom wing in the early 1990’s. However there has not been any major work other than the replacement of the roof and windows for many years.

The Iwikau club has not been completely forgotten as previous committees have developed concepts for a complete refurbishment of the club with architectural drawings being presented at past AGM’s for discussion. However these ideas did not gain traction, so the club continues to function in its current, albeit slowly deteriorating, state.

It could be said the clubhouse has enjoyed a significant maintenance ‘holiday’ period after the major refurbishment in the 1990s. This period of low maintenance cannot continue much longer without risking serious deterioration of the building both internally and externally. This would present major challenges ranging from membership retention through to safety and comfort issues.

Based on the above the present committee believe that maintaining and developing the lodge to an appropriate level of comfort and presentation should be a high priority for the committee and club members in coming years.

A new LTMP has been developed and will be shared with all members in the next few months.

The key assumption in this LTMP is that the building layout is basically going to stay the same, with perhaps just a few minor changes. It also assumes that the club will adopt a strategy of continued investment per annum for the foreseeable future) in maintenance and upgrades rather than adopting or all or nothing approach.

Prepared by Ian MacPherson


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